Specialty specific EHR permits the Pediatricians to effortlessly chart the encounter. Our features, reports, and templates are designed to treat child patients. We provide a fully integrated suite for pediatric needs that handles every aspect of your practice. We understand the unique needs of the patients you treat. We automate your practice right from the front desk to the exam room, and the billing office to patient’s portal.

A complete customizable immunization master, which includes tracking and alert on pending vaccinations due at the time of visit.
Detailed History available
Consent forms available to accommodate parental/ guardian’s authorizations in the exam room.
Facility to print VIS (vaccine information sheets) at the time of vaccine administration or prior to scheduling immunization.

Detailed and summarized reports on Immunizations.

CHDP Form:

Children Health Deficiency Prevention (CHDP) or PM 160 is again useful feature as it eliminates error-prone manual processes with solutions and services that reduces the chance of errors or repetitive data entry and can be managed from the same encounter.