Patient Billing Services

ProMed, A Leading Patient Billing Service Company in the USA

We will accelerate the patient payment collections by producing structural bills which have a high collective rate. We follow several techniques that are proven as the best practices to coherent with patient billing. Most of the time, patient bills go unpaid. The core point is around the ability to pay or misunderstanding within insurance coverage. Take any insurance company, rarely does any company would to billed charges without adjustments or negotiated rates. Only a few cases does a claim move through the financial companies without an attempt to interfere.

Pioneer in Patient Billing Services

We develop bills that show a precise adjusted figure efficiently. Solutions that you find are certified by the USPS Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) for its efficiency in coordinating and regulating addresses. It would also promote faster delivery and also you would get the best postage discounts.

Why ProMed’s Patient Billing Services is effective

You may or may not have an in-house team to scrub your claims before they are submitted, but it rarely matches what you find from the professional hands. We are experts in handling unpaid claims, appeals & subsequent filings, exclusions & denials. We are equipped with profoundly skilled RCM team that utilizes their time efficiently. Whether in its initial segment or final, our service will allow you to be put at ease.

We would also educate you in our strategy to alleviate you from continuous denials.