Pain Management

Billing and coding for pain management practices continues to grow more complicated each year. With increased public and medical interest in new pain management techniques, pain management guidelines, and new therapies, there’s very close scrutiny by payers and regulators on procedures used to treat chronic pain.

Our Key feature in Pain Management is quality in billing and coding, which can yield a great financial well-being for the practice.

Common Codes which can bring vital reimbursement, if billed and coding accurately,

    20610 – Major joint/bursa – injection or aspiration of the pes anserine bursa, subacromial bursa, hip, trochanteric bursa, shoulder, or knee

  • 77002 – Fluoroscopic needle guidance (non-spinal)
  • 20552 – Trigger point injection in one or two muscles
  • 96372 – Intramuscular injections
  • 64405 – Greater occipital nerve block
  • J0585 – Botulin toxin type A injection
  • 20526 – Carpal tunnel injection
  • 97010 – Cold packs/heating pads
  • G0283 – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation