ICD-10 Coding Services

A value for money ICD-10 coding service

Only very few firms can understand and act within the boundaries of medical coding that are really essential for the hospitals/clinic and physician groups in the matter of a financial emergency. We are here to give accurate coding solutions with the help of certified coders and auditers. We as an RCM organization leverage our expertise in ICD-10 coding services; reviewing the patient charts, ensuring a precise combination of diagnostic and CPT codes based on the services rendered; giving our customers a world-class user experience.

Hire the best ICD-10 Coding Service company in the US

Our certified auditors will ensure that your charts are error free ensuringtimely, hassle free reimbursement.

We thoroughly help clinics, hospitals and physician groups with ICD-10 (stands for International Classification of Diseases) type of coding and efficiently handle their medical coding fundamentals. We have immense experience in ICD-10 coding services particularly during metaphorical rough weather such as in acute care services proffered.

ProMed helps hedge against the loss of revenue due to improper ICD-10 coding or at the least minimize inefficiencies ..Timely reimbursements are encouraged as there are no delays due to incorrect medical documentation. Our services would help you in identifying the correct risk adjustment scores, which can lead to better treatments and outcomes for the patient, which enhances the reputation of hospitals & clinics. We maintain consistent compliance with regulations as a result of documentation being accurate and complete. It can help healthcare providers make a smooth transition to the pay-for-quality or value based model from the fee-for-service model, which will bring in more patients and improve clinical outcomes in the long term.