Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management

Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management helps you in faster claims

We are aware it is disheartening when your Aged Accounts Receivables inflows get clogged. Your in-house resources are often hard pressed for time; having to contend with the day to day nitty gritties. At Promed Intel Healthcare we vehemently believe that all our patrons desire to steering clear of outstanding dues .We are euphoric in our quest to help you liquidate your denied / pending account receivables. Our in-house experts have the moxie to deal with strife ( if any ) giving our customers an anxiety- free , seamless cash flow workweek .We investigate account history, review denied claims and ideate towards 100 % reimbursement , running feedback loops in order to facilitate execution . Our tool generates real time analytics that offer key takeaways regarding hassle free reimbursement

We are invincible!

Till date, ProMed Intelsoft has assisted hospitals and other health organizations in collecting $500,000 worth of account receivables and counting. As a nascent organization we consider this another feather in our cap. Rejections are probed and resolved in a class leading time of 48 hours. Effective follow-up, appeals & resubmitting corrected claim. etc., are the critical factors involved in AR follow up. ProMed Intelsoft is settled as the best Healthcare Accounts receivable management company in the US in a short period. We undergo Legal Concepts, Contract Negotiation, Compliance, Patient Rights, Patient Access, Charge Capture, Health Information Management, and Patient Financial Services before initiating any Healthcare Accounts Receivable since it is required to own a complete understanding in insurance payers, laws and regulations of the healthcare industry. Based on the payer reimbursement will vary.