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Globally Competitive EHR Advisors

Cumbersome claim retrieval is passe. Enter: Promed; our distinct processes have helped us perform an order of magnitude better than our competitors. All of us experience volatility. Allied Market Research recently wrote that hospitals spent $ 25 billion on EHR globally in 2017; this expenditure will reportedly reach $33 billion by 2023. As EHR advisors, we help in minimizing input costs by 50 % for our clients with regard to the EHR spend. The EHR we suggest can be coupled with an analytics tool; that will help our customer glean key takeaways aiding in revenue bolstering.

An EHR Advisor who’d be the envy of your peers

As an EHR Advisor we toil towards the wellbeing of our denizens.

  • PromMed as an EHR Advisor suggests an EHR that has a class-leading user-friendliness quotient.

Often costs prohibit hospitals/physician groups and clinics from choosing a conducive EHR application. We as an EHR advisor will alleviate your woes.

A maladaptive graphic user interface would result in the following:

  • The nurses struggle to handle the EHR
  • Increased denial percentage
  • The clinic or physician group does not meet the pre-requisites in order to qualify for the federal incentive program

What ProMed endeavors to do as an EHR advisor?

ProMed Intel Healthcare, as an EHR advisor, recommends a best in class EHR that eases the work of the nurses and helps ensure clinical compliance.