DME Billing Services

Something about our DME billings services that would love to hear

There are very few complications with DME(Durable Medical Equipment) Billing Services. It only has to be correctly directed by an authorized provider to confirm that it’s medically necessary to pass approval by a patient’s insurance company. DME Billing Services are more significant than average billing and coding services in terms of toughness and quality.

Below are some Durable Medical Equipment services:

  • Canes, Crutches, and Walkers
  • Bathroom Equipment
  • Communication and Speech Generating Devices
  • Patient Lifts and Standing Frames
  • Pneumatic Compressors and Appliances
  • Other Miscellaneous Equipment
  • Decubitus Care Equipment (for treatment of wounds)
  • Hospital beds and accessories
  • Traction and trapeze Equipment
  • Oxygen and Respiratory Equipment
  • Wheelchairs, Modifications and Accessories
  • Infusion Equipment and Supplies

We know you are curious to know our work structure

As a leading DME Billing Service Company in the industry, we go after a well-crafted billing procedure, which guarantees that there will balance left on the bills. We suggest you to read further to understand our work process.

  • We would review all documentation for billable accuracy, compliance claims, etc.
  • We present the completed claims and occasionally make updates when we receive verification.
  • A payment copy is posted to the account of each patient.
  • The secondary claim will be submitted to all co-insurance amounts due.
  • Follow-up is done on partial pays, incorrect pays and rejections within 24 hours.

3 significant moves to attain the best DME Billing Services

Step #1

The patient should get acknowledged by a doctor, who is eligible to take care of the patient for durable medical equipment or solely with the patient’s diagnosis. For example, if a person was severely injured in an accident. A doctor’s determination is essential to move further with any kind of equipment or instrumental treatment that includes nebulizer or a steroid inhalant. The patient should be completely monitored every four hours.

Step #2

Once the patient gets prescribed by a doctor, he/she has to select a DME supplier to find the required supplies. Here, ProMed’s role is significant. We used to locate the provider’s prescription and get the patient’s coverage and billing report. In some cases, the pre-authorization will also be essential for a patient’s insurance. It is appreciated by the insurance company, that has to review the diagnosis and treatment of the patient to sign its approval even for DME supplies.

Step #3

The last step is you need of a Professional Medical Billing and Coding company like ProMed. The entire codes and billings will be sent to the patient’s coverage company for the claims. As we withstand at the complete risk segment, the identification of the correct HCPCS Level II codes by practicing the HCPCS guidebook looks easy from away; but requires the expertise of a billing professional.