Clinical Documentation Audit

Foremost Clinical Document Audit in USA (We endeavor to provide value for money in this segment)

Clinical Documentation Audit is fundamental for any health organizations that are decided to claim every reinforcement or pending bills. ProMed is here with years of experience and successful methodology to claim within 48 hours. Being in a US healthcare and serving hospital/clinic/Physician group, if you decided to go and claim over on the unpaid bills, who would take care of the emerging bills and patient in your hospital? We conduct Clinical Documentation Audit which will help your medical document or charts to be aligned as per CMS guidelines. Clinical Document Auditing is of vital importance for the success of any hospital, clinics, and physician groups. Our certified Auditors leave no stone unturned to ensure that your EMR charts are reviewed setting in place a glitch free experience as per CMS guidelines.


Clinical Documentation Improvement

Clinical documentation improvement is essential to prevent medical errors. When it comes to reporting, streamlined claims reimbursement and robust public tracking on health information, Clinical Document Improvement and management would plays a vital role. Over 90% of hospitals are there with 150 beds which have been outsourced for clinical documentation functions. In that $1.5 million increase in revenue and claims reimbursement that favors you. Healthcare organizations or hospitals that are proceeding with employing the data would help in increasingly complex, and so it is fundamental that the data is obtained and documented accurately.

Clinical Document Management by the hand of professionals

ProMed is the specialist in Clinical Document Management with the patient report inputs that include a case study and paperwork as the long term referral. When it comes to daily operation and updates, you might struggle a bit. ProMed’s Clinical Document Management service is here to lift you up in such cases. Clinical documentation Management supports to ensure the functions of a patient and their details have been apprehended perfectly. The automated properly of record health will reflect on the services that were presented. Over 87% of hospital or health organizations financial deputies are informed that the case mix index growth was the most generous motivator for Clinical Document Management adoption as it is possible to increase healthcare resources and optimize high-value specialist utilization.